This is a question that many young creatives face. Should I invest in a 4 year degree from an Art & Design school?

Create Academy exists to help students develop their hard and soft skills so they can pursue a creative career. The hard skills are software, design and animation. The soft skills are critical thinking, negotiation and leading clients through projects. Art school should help equip you for a lifelong journey in your craft and practice.

Art Schools sell themselves on the basis that they will help you develop both types of skills. They will teach you the software, theory and disciplines as well as teach you how a specific industry works.

But is it realistic. Does art school deliver on what it promises? More importantly, is it worth the cost?

This is a personal question and there is no one-size-fits-all path for everyone. For some art school is a great choice, despite the investment. But for others, it can be a financial mistake and an alternate path would have been more appropriate.

Chris Do (founder of Blind and TheFutur) who is an adjunct at Art Center in Pasadena, speaks with a room full of students from Otis and Art Center. In this discussion they break down the value proposition of Art School and put some math to this question, "Should you attend Art School?"