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Should You Go To Art School?

This is a question that many young creatives face. Should I invest in a 4 year degree from an Art & Design school? Create Academy exists to help students develop their hard and soft skills so they can pursue a creative career. The hard skills are software, design and animation. The soft...


Sarasota's Rosemary District

We feel lucky to have landed in Sarasota's, Rosemary District for our first campus location. We have some incredible neighbors right next to us that add tremendous value to our mission. Great food, great drink and great art. We're proud to contribute to the Rosemary District's renaissance in 2018...


Sarasota Florida Campus : Launching July 2018

After a roller coaster ride of searching for the right city and the right site, we have landed on our first location of Create Academy. Our first campus will be located in Sarasota, Florida in the Rosemary District just north of downtown. A modest 4,000 sq foot campus will serve as the first...


Cost of Higher-Ed Jumps Sharply In Last Decade

After the great recession many people in higher education wondered if the sharp fall in asset prices (mainly equities and real estate) would lead to lower costs in tuition. It did not. Not only has higher-ed gotten more expensive, the last decade has seen a sharp increase in the cost of public...